Just a girl….navigating a new life

As the title goes, I am just a girl navigating my way around a new country, a new language, a new job….hell a whole new life!

When I decided to move to Scotland nearly a year ago, I never envisaged the trials and tribulations I would face along the way. Having done a long distance relationship for nearly two years, it had gotten to the point where one of us had to move somewhere before we both went a little crazy!

For me, Dublin has never really felt like home. I’ve never felt settled there so it was a no brainer really that I would be the one to move. What I didn’t count on was the feeling of missing the home country…..

There’s been a lot of tough times since moving. From a totally inept letting agent at the start of my journey to finding out I had to redo all the training that I had already completed back home. Life has been tough but there have been some good times too! 🙂

I’ll be living in Scotland a year on March 15th so this year I have big plans. I’ve spent the last year making a life, getting my flat ready and fit to live in. Now it’s all about getting back into what I enjoy, writing and radio presenting! So that’s the plan for this year.

This blog will be a mix of personal posts and interviews/reviews too. I’ve also set myself some goals for this year too (future blog post about that!) so I will document how I get on with those too.

For now, thank you for reading and I hope you will join me on my journey!

A xx


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