Monthly Archives: April 2017

And suddenly times are a changing

I’ve been living in Scotland for jut over a year now. In that time I have mananaged to achieve a lot. I got a job, got a place to rent, survived for the year and made a pretty good life for myself.

But to honest, there has been something missing. I have done creative in the last year, except college stuff where I had to write flowery language but mothing else. There has been a couple of reasons for this. Work being a huge issue. With the shifts I was working, even on my days off I was not in the mood to do anything creatively. I also missed doing my radio show.

Something had to change. Last week I got myself a new job. A regular 9-5 Monday-Friday job. No weekends and no late nights! The only downfall is there is a hell of a longer commute than I’m used to but I have realised that I can actually use those commutes to my advantage and maybe write or read on it.

Today I also had a meeting with Radio West Fife to talk to them about getting my own radio show. Now that I am working a regular job I can actually plan to have the same show every week. My plan is to do the same type of show that I did back home which they are very interested in having me do. I start my training in three weeks and then will hopefully have my own show.

I also started making inroads into finding some websites to write for.

In the last week I feel that I have done more than I have in the last year. Now it’s time to start living my life, doing what I actually want to do and hopefully get the creative juices flowing again!!

Here’s to the second year of living in Scotland! 🙂

A 🙂 x